in (and out of) the cold, kinship

(last (frigid) Sunday)

Just inside the entrance of Cub I page through the coupons and let my skin recover from the rude slap of arctic wind I received outside. As I move through the produce stands I notice other fellow shoppers filing in, their faces florid like mine, with expressions of recovering relief.

Some from warmer states (or countries) are asking, “Uh… why did I move here?”.

But as cold as Minnesota is, we share a warmer state, that of temperatural camaraderie. The same can apply in sweltering heat. And in Minnesota we can share both.

In a more moderate climate I wouldn’t have the opportunity to (under)stand with my fellow neighbors the same unpleasant conditions.

Maybe the next place won’t be perpetually sunny, 65°, with crisp-blue skies of mid-Autumn.

No one will freeze to death or collapse from heat stress but perhaps the next place will be climatically designed for relationship.

Yes, it’s cold.

But let’s shiver together.